criteria for the time traveler 

you must be able to relax your mind 
meditation experience a plus but not mandatory

provide a comprehensive prioritized list of concerns / requests 

secure a quiet space for a total of 4 hours 
odyssey lasts aprox. 3 hours w/ additional time for pre-counseling 
house calls only w/ minimum of 2 weeks pre-scheduling
local time travelers usually feel more comfortable in their own environment, 
provided the 4 hours of peaceful noninterference is guaranteed.
visitors provide resort suites or vacation retreats
[email protected]

on the tropical isle of 
kauai, hawaii

10am > 6pm aloha time / daily
plz leave a clear message

                  kama'aina        $200 
                  couples            $350  

                  visitor               $300
                  couples            $550

                with chronicled recording

 cash - local checks - traveler's checks      
 100% guaranteed       
no greater lifetime gift to give yourself

kidz especially welcome 
at a $50 discount under age 16

gift certificates available for friends

$25 referral incentive
adonai vassu baragus
you could spend many years with well-meaning therapists, exhausting thousands of $$, 
in order to achieve core reasons for grave issues of immediate concern...

or, for your paranormal inquiries, you could request the service of an authentic psychic medium,
but the data or interdimensional communication they channel can be inadvertently restricted 
through their own personal "filters" ...

instead, go directly to the legitimate intimate source ... YOU    
without restriction or third party interpretation.
get all your answers, the relief you seek and come to know the full embodiment of  YOU a single afternoon 
with continuous live streaming data from the presently hidden or forgotten  YOU
often i have been advised to raise my fees to reflect the true value of all that is uniquely achieved with a single TIME TRAVEL.
i feel, however, it is more important to make this gift available at an incredibly low rate 
so that everyone has the opportunity to go where one dared not go before... 
within the fascinating universe of one's all-knowing & all-remembering psyche. 
$50 credit for consecutive TIME TRAVELS
FREE assistance with missing persons / animals