About Us
WHO am i really?
claim your ancient birthrite!  you are a far more complex being 
than what you see in the mirror or have become accustomed to 
during this lifetime.
revisit your original soul-identity manifestation and 
planetary or dimensional realm home base 
as well as your subsequent universal lineage
via significant alter-dimensional homes, families & adventures 
before eventually electing earth as your most recent home world... and why you chose earth

what is the cause of my illness & how best can i heal myself?
core causes are revealed for healing advice by your own 
intuitive physician 

what is the larger reason for losing my job?
during this period of great shift, losing your job usually indicates a transition to a more productive and beneficial position, specifically tailored to this significant time.  learn the details to calm your distress

i wish to free myself from present emotional burdens 
release and liberate yourself from present burdens due to this life's traumas and those of previous lives or deaths

what is my PURPOSE or assignment for this life?
xplore your elected PURPOSE for this present incarnation  
and how to initiate

which of my reincarnated lives affect this one for either the positive 
or negative & how can i complete my repetition of the reincarnation cycle?
evaluate stagnated karmic traps for purpose of emotional, spiritual, mental and biological neutralization for ascension / graduation
{ this can also include learning of previous roles of persons in your present life with whom you may need to resolve karmic debt or assignment }

how can i best guide and prepare myself for the paradigm metamorphosis?

hyperjump and take control of your most probable future destiny.  learn how upcoming earth changes will affect you and your loved ones and the role you will play, and more...

should i stay or should i move? 
if i move, where am i destined to settle during this transformational time & why is this specific location significant for my survival?

how can i best resolve my financial $ituation?

i have a fear of flying, or other phobias, i wish to understand and
finally release

i am experiencing mysterious phenomenal events, visions or 
dreams / nightmares which i need to identify

a beloved has crossed over with whom i wish to communicate
contingent upon their availability

i would like to speak with my spirit guides and / or celestial family
contingent upon their availability

i believe i am a STARSEED.  i need validation and clarity on my 
pre-destined assignment

who and where is my twin soul or twin flame?

learn who loved ones or nemesis are in your life, from your past lives, and why you are in each other's lives again

i would like to review my latent psychic potential i need to unlock

has someone cast a spell or curse on me & if so, how can i free myself from it?

i am a psychic kid who needs support and guidance with my gifts
you will absolutely amaze yourself with the information you have held captive 
                                                          within the data files of your own dormant memory
                                                                                          where you dared not xplore before                         
adonai vassu baragus
there are no limitations to what you can 

                            here are a few suggestions... 
NOW is the TIME 
disclose all hidden intimate details                              
& examine intended purpose, assignments, implants, impregnation, 
genetic hybrid manipulations, future abductions, family member or group abductions
the rest is up to you...  
for those of you who are