" Venus and Time Travel with Venus opened up a world to me that always felt familiar but inaccessible.  A few life themes were revealed that keep opening new doors in my waking life.  It's all so very exciting!! "               
 lori  /  bookkeeper 
" It is really good to feel my allies and relations on the spirit (invisible
side -- as well as visiting womb space and early babyhood -- forgotten memories and places...
Thank you, Venus, for assisting the re-connection process.
I noticed resistance on my behalf in honing in deeper, certain areas that stubbornly stayed closed.  
There are timings and reasons.
To find out... we must go deeper ".
 kamran  /  radio DJ & gardener 
" I had no one to turn to, to talk to about my consistent hours of missing time every time I took a trip across the Mojave desert for business.  I would always see the spacecraft outside the window while driving then find myself at my destination, without remembering driving, with a typical 3 hours of missing time and the usual round burn-like marking on the back of my neck.
All the many Time Travel odysseys over the years with Venus have provided me with the acknowledgment that I am an abductee and the ability to have peace over events I can't control.  Knowing the details gives me power over the fear of the mystery ".  
eloise  /  telephone operator 
" I have been disabled with chronic asthma all my life. The doctors couldn't offer me a cure or hope of relief.  I was extremely depressed.  
I heard of but was skeptical of any positive outcome with Venus' 
Time Travel.  Venus helped me return to Germany during WWII where I painlessly witnessed my own death by choking then released it from my unconscious.  
Somehow, I can't explain it, I no longer suffer from chronic asthma ".
" When Venus told us at her seminar that we were extraterrestrials or beings from other dimensions before we came to Earth to live, I have to admit I had a good laugh.  Friends told me she had proven it through her Time Travel odysseys.  I scheduled a session expecting absolutely nothing.  Wow!  After hours of specific and sometimes emotional details of my life on Saturn -- from my own mouth -- and information about my husband as my Twin Flame; I was so amazed that I time traveled a few times more with Venus with the knowing in my soul that all I have remembered and reexperienced is part of who I am as a much broader person than I had previously realized ".
sental  /  mother
" Where I come from in Africa, this "time traveling" is taboo.  I really didn't want to have anything to do with it.  I was casually listening to a recording of one of Venus' client's experiences when I fell into a deep trance.  Venus had fun and played harmlessly with my memory during my unexpected meditation.  Two hours later she woke me up and told me what had happened.  I didn't believe her until she played back everything I revealed to her during those 2 hours recorded on tape.  We had a great laugh.  I am more open minded now and tell others ".
college student 
" Thank you Venus for helping me realize that my "home" truly is "out there". For my entire life I felt drawn away from earth and to a place in the universe I couldn't remember in my mind, but in my heart I knew Earth was not my home and that my parents weren't my real parents.  Now I know about my home world and am looking forward to returning to it one day.  
It's nice to know I'm not crazy ".  
" My sessions with Venus have been opening aspects of myself that I have not been able to access with any other method or guidance.  I discovered interdimensional realities that opened me up to the unlimited being I am
and understand that this earthly reality is just a small and beautiful speck in consciousness.  It confirmed that we are so much more powerful and wise than we ever imagined and that virtually anything is possible. 
I also experienced that nothing "out there" is threatening and the essence of love flows through it all, making itself available to us if we meet it with understanding and know that "home" is anywhere we want it to be.  
Venus' guidance and presence comes from a beautiful depth of her own experience and her ability to share this gift with others is truly remarkable. I highly recommend her work to anyone who would like to explore ways to truly 'come home' ".
ursula  /  musician
adonai vassu baragus
" At the time I worked with Venus, my sister was diing from breast cancer.  I was still grieving for my parents who died a couple years earlier that I couldn't let my sister go in peace.  I was most surprised when my parents made themselves available for me to speak with during the Time Travel.  They convinced me that they were waiting for my sister and would take her with them and that everything would be alright.  I was able to tell them all the things I never got a chance to say.  It was deeply emotional yet liberating.  Afterward, at my sister's bedside, I told her how much I loved her and that I knew our parents were waiting for her and that I found the inner peace to allow her to go with them.  It's difficult to express how much a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders and from my soul.  I didn't think it was possible.  Thank you Venus ".
ben / hotel manager