your Time Travel Captain 
it could possibly be another century before technology creates a mechanical time travel chamber which can transport time travelers through personal or historic "time" without negative consequences.

in the meantime... 
there is a safe and precisely accurate biological "chamber" 
owned by and available to everyone at all times ~ 
your own body and inherent limitless all-knowing consciousness.

unfortunately, many are unable to fully operate their 'personal time chamber' or manage only to catch a fleeting glimpse when attempting to resolve
emotional, health or economic concerns or endeavors at attaining spiritual growth or wishing to speak directly with their spirit guides or beloved on the other side of the veil. 

therefore, a qualified officiate is necessary to assist with the operation of the 
time traveling experience. 

it began more than 30 years ago...
a psychic partner of mine was at her wits end regarding her continuous alien abductions every time she traveled through the Mojave Desert on business.   her body was clearly marked with each encounter.  she would remember seeing a craft outside her window just prior to her 3 hours of missing time and find herself awakening in her car afterward, oftentimes in a different location of the desert than where she started originally.  
because we had worked successfully together many years as psychic healers and telepaths and shared UFO sightings with curious L.A. community members, she had come to trust me.  
she urgently requested that we attempt an experiment to recover her memories of her obvious extraordinary desert abductions.   
the retrieval of raw data that was deliberately suppressed by those of advanced power to her as the victim, proved to be surprisingly simple for me with wondrous results.  
as she meditated deeply, i confidently and intensely interrogated her unconscious mind.  succinct details were made available without hesitation.  we continued this process for several years following every suspected abduction.  

since then and for the past 30 years...
it has been my honor and pleasure, as psychic and ordained spiritual counselor, to have lent my expertise to astonished abductees as well as 
non-abductee time travelers -- each satisfied to the degree that a single comprehensive quest usually fulfills their every inquiry.

my guaranteed approach is to begin by reminding the time traveler that they are in full control of the voyage for the duration.  they are their own 
all-knowing psychic medium intuitive receiving direct experience and information without exterior influence or interpretation, such as my own.  

the traveler safely allows him/herself to drift into a self-induced state of tranquil meditation or deep mental and physical relaxation.  
i then compassionately guide the traveler's meditative soul-consciousness across the barrier of their perceived concept of "time" with simple verbal navigation... 
inward, backward and forward... providing thorough research into  submerged memory data files and revealing hidden memories and latent universal knowledge for each traveler's intended resolution based upon their specific requests. 
whatever knowledge the traveler is seeking, there are no limitations in acquiring any desired data save the rare occasion personal guides request i not delve into particular arenas, which i honor.    
every soul quest is uniquely fascinating, liberating and re-birthing.

i am naturally gifted with traveling the expanse of multi-dimensional universal consciousness we all share without time or bias restraint which most Eartheans experience on this side of the veil.  
knowing the power of the relaxed mind and soul to remember one's 
full-spectrum being with disciplined direction, i am able to easily assist the time traveler in their accessing profound recessed memory or information files... in vivid re-living reality technicolor.  
as well, my experience with parallel dimensions and working with souls who have either crossed over { "died" } or who have not yet descended but await their family members to join them, allows me to successfully connect beloved cross-dimensionally for a myriad of reasons.    
unlike those of you who are ET contactees of the FRIENDLY kind

there are those who are unfortunately abducted by aliens

when i was in radio media circa 1979 - 1994 teaching about UFOs and some of the various ET agendas... there were those { such as my psychic abductee friend mentioned above }, who secretly approached me then, and others presently, with a dire need to understand why they were and are victims of alien abductions.  they have trusted me to expose their deliberately concealed memories regarding these unwelcome assaults and the ramifications thereof; such as projected abductions for the entirety of their lives, similar abductions of their "tagged" children, reproductive extractions, impregnations, cross-breeding, chip implants, genetic manipulations, group abductions, missing pregnancies with subsequent programs of the mother's emotional embrace of her missing hybrid child aboard alien craft, covert missions to be mentally exposed unexpectedly in the future, mysterious hybrid colonization, etc.

procuring such valuable information has always been victorious.  
however, once an abductee... i'm afraid there is little one can do to completely stop future abductions... but they can be significantly reduced.  
you are more EMPOWERED by knowing the hidden details of your captors and your involvement with them. 
for your incredible personal & confidential


for those who are ready and eager to take advantage of this rare opportunity to 

know    heal    evolve    prepare
adonai vassu baragus
...for those of you who seek relief for your ALIEN ABDUCTIONS
fear not... Venus is here !!